SuperInk Pte Ltd Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This privacy policy (“Policy”) outlines how SuperInk Pte Ltd (“Company”) collects, maintains, stores, and discloses personal information and data we hold about individuals (“Personal Data”). This Policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Use for all products, software, and services provided by SuperInk Pte Ltd.

2. Definitions

For the purposes of this Policy:

3. How We Use Your Personal Data

We may collect, use, and disclose Personal Data of your employees, directors, beneficial owners, shareholders, and authorized representatives for the following purposes:

To carry out these purposes, SuperInk may share Personal Data with its related or affiliated corporations and entities in Singapore or elsewhere, ensuring confidentiality and security.

4. Disclosure of Your Personal Data

We may disclose Personal Data to:

We will treat Personal Data as private and confidential except where:

5. Security of Personal Data

SuperInk takes breaches of privacy seriously. Our employees are trained to handle personal data securely and with respect. Personal Data is stored securely in both digital and physical formats, protected from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. When data is no longer needed, it is securely deleted or destroyed. We have appointed a Data Protection Officer to ensure compliance with this Policy and applicable legislation.

6. Accuracy of Personal Data

We strive to ensure that all Personal Data is up-to-date and accurate. Please inform us of any changes in your information. If an individual wishes to delete their Personal Data, please contact our Data Protection Officer. SuperInk may retain certain information as required by law.

7. Rights to Access and Correct Personal Data

You can request access to and correction of your Personal Data held by us. To do so, complete an application form and verify your identity. Contact our Data Protection Officer for the application form and further details. We will respond within 30 days. There may be a reasonable fee for access requests. We may withhold access in certain situations, such as when identity cannot be confirmed.

8. Consent

By disclosing Personal Data to us or continuing to use our Services, you consent to the collection and use of your Personal Data as outlined in this Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by providing written notice.

9. Website Cookies

We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. Cookies help us monitor website performance, remember preferences, and ensure proper functionality. You can manage cookie settings through your web browser. Disabling cookies may affect website functionality. Personal Data collected via cookies may be shared with third-party service providers for managing or improving our website.

10. Enquiries, Requests, and Complaints

For enquiries, requests, and complaints regarding Personal Data, please contact our Data Protection Officer at Alternatively, you may telephone us on any of the contact numbers listed on our website.

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