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Elevate your workforce management with precision and punctuality. Embrace OnePass HR Attendance for a streamlined and efficient approach to attendance tracking. Sign up now and experience a new era of time management.

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Intuitive Clock In and Clock Out

Our state-of-the-art system enables employees to mark their attendance with precision and ease. From the start of their shift to its conclusion, we ensure that every minute is accurately accounted for, removing any guesswork and promoting punctuality.

Effortlessly Track Employee Attendance

With real-time updates, comprehensive tracking features, and a design that highlights attendance trends, you’re equipped to make informed decisions. Whether you’re ensuring daily compliance or analyzing monthly patterns, we’ve got you covered.

Efficient Site Management​

Harness the power of precision with our enhanced Manage Sites feature. Whether you’re overseeing a single location or managing a network of location, our tools simplify the complexities. Register new locations, designate employees to their respective venues, and obtain detailed, location-specific attendance metrics.

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