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Comprehensive Payroll Management & Administration​

Dive into a unified view of your payroll operations with our Payroll Overview and Management suite. Whether you’re keen on accessing individual salary details or monitoring company-wide payment statuses. Further, our platform equips you to seamlessly oversee salary calculations, tax implications, and essential compliance needs.

Country-Specific Calculations & Compliance ​

OnePass recognizes the uniqueness of each country’s payroll framework. Our system is adept at handling specific deductions like CPF for Singapore, Jamsostek and BPJS for Indonesia, and more. Tailored to cater to these regional nuances, our platform guarantees accuracy, conformity, and compliance to the varied statutory regulations.

Accurate Record Keeping & Auditing

Establish a reliable archive with our Payroll History feature. From intricate salary breakups to general payroll trends, access a well-documented record of past cycles. This meticulous documentation aids in both internal reviews and external audits, ensuring transparency, accountability, and effortless reporting.

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